The NO FOUNDATIONS approach – Do Landscape Architects design polished spaces that only work on a magazine cover? DRAFT

Soil is vital for our sustainability and wellbeing. The Victorians built structures with a connection to the ground. They used local materials placed on minimal foundations, with no barriers to the soil. This simple approach allowed the building to become a living system that could breath. The soil below left untouched and water allowed to flow.

These days, the ground is often impermeable. Trees are confined to baskets and plants are selected based on their resilience and cost. The building comes first approach. The parks and gardens of today are a representation of that era – impressive how the landscape architects of the time were able to influence such places for the better of people in emerging industrial revelotion. 

What are we doin now? the spaces still exist, yet they havent changed much and neither has the approach to them. in the background there is a movement struggling to surface int…

Whats different now compared to the Victorian era, is our awareness of the negative effect we are having on the environment. Through this understanding there is now a push for sustainable development which is largely positive. We are trying to put things right and developing the tools to improve the environment. However it needs to be better.

I feel its now time to push further exploring what really is sustainable, allowing for the tree to come first.

How can this be done? 

I propose we improve our technology to build structures raised above the soil. Leaving the soil beneath in most places undisturbed. Through a network of organic-cycles we can connect to the soil below 

This will give priority to organisms such as trees, plants and soil microorganisms. Buildings will come second to these living organisms. The structure will deconstructed and reconstructed inline with what is growing around and within it; and adapt through time based on the life cycles of the trees etc.

By integrating technology with natural life cycles – I believe we will help bring back the humanity to our landscapes.

These evolving ideas are the foundations for my approach to landscape architecture. To read more about my approach click here

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