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Sam Cheetham a landscape architect working for a design and planning consultancy in Bristol, UK.  


His background is in Plant Science – having gained an Honours degree in BSc Plant Science in 2011.

During his studies he developed a global outlook. His research focused on ethnobotany leading to an interest in human relationships with ‘things’. The things being everything that surrounds us and enables us to sustain and develop.

He carried out research into the suitability of growing medicinal plants within urban environments.


He travelled from the Bristol to Kuala Lumpur in 2013 and enrolled at a local university to study  Landscape Architecture. 

Whilst in Malaysia he worked for a start up and saw first hand the green washing of development through design and the media.

Having worked around the world and having been influenced by ecology in much of his studies he see the importance of Landscape Architects working locally but influencing on a global platform in order to be proactive in the discourse. 


He is now working from Bristol developing a website and doing professional chartership to tackle issues within the design world.  

He is currently working on a digital platform connecting controversial and important architectural, engineering & design issues to the wider world. Using low input to high output techniques via digital and public platforms. The approach aims to connect mainstream thinking with progressive action through an open forum digitally and physically.