My services as a landscape architect include:

  1. Illustrations
  2. ArcMap GIS / QGIS
  3. AutoCad
  4. Adobe Suite



Sam Cheetham the landscape architect:
when we design we keep making mistakes – and will keep doing so.

This has been an underlying question developed through my own studies and has guided my understanding of what a landscape architects role in shaping place; over time is.

Once we start designing we are creating a product from the top down assuming we know what needs to be done.

A planting plan is a typical designed product
A landscape architect works on –Planned in detail with a human influenced maintenance regime.

Summarised – my response based on the role of a landscape architect working with the current practice ‘the now’ would be to: allow the planting to happen guided by processed environmental data alongside minimal responsive design based on best current ecological principles.

but the question is how do we allow this to happen without designing?.

Welcome to blog. I am landscape architect student who has developed a passion and an obsession with the future of the landscape architecture

e, society, architecture….

Currently, I have an issue where i can not find the appropriate words to explain big-thinking deep-issues  over looked in architecture. But I hope over time I will overcome this and get the knack of explaining and inspiring all…

For example I think that:


The unknown is something often left out in architecture

#So what on earth am i saying here.  Well at first i have contradicted myself by assuming something… and second of all, what on earth is the unknown. Well the contradiction this time can be pushed to the side temporarily whilst i explain something bigger than architecture, people and places, we are talking about spirits and the unknown… something which is bigger than us all so it is allowed to the have the authority to assume….

this blog is set up as an exploration into the unknown elements of landscape architecture – which you are going to visit each month when I release an explaining all…


You will also discover why I am inspired by cranes and how they can symbolise the future of place..

the ‘crane’ however is the threshold that’s guided by the environment people spirits whatever becomes the designer. It still produces a product (definition of a product) that fits into the wider machine but this time it is influenced from the bottom up.

Maybe the crane symbolises a machinic portal into the unknown just as a drug creates a portal the infinite.

So the landscape architect no longer designs


Leave a comment and connect with me on scial media, but for now… see you month for next instalment…