“I see more value in adopting a strong cultural relevance and not just a traditional story board approach, the story is vital but needs to be told well”

Kuala Lumpur

From 2012 to 2015 I spent my time working and studying Landscape Architecture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It felt like a good place to study Landscape Architecture due to the immensity and diversity of the Rainforest and the rapidly growing Mega-city that is Kuala Lumpur.   

So, here I was enrolled as the first European to study Landscape Architecture at the Universiti Putra Malysia, located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. The syllabus for the course was based on the UK’s approach to Landscape Architecture due to the majority of lecturers having studied in British universities.

The Rainforest & the Machine

Palm Oil is big business for Malaysia. To feed the market Malaysia reacted (when) and tthis led to economic development  – however this along with other causes of land use change –  Malaysia has 59.5% rain forest cover however the country is still developing placing many of its natural assets at risk. It can not be more evident than when you fly into Malaysia an witness through the window of the plane the extent of monocropping, that is predominantly palm oil plantations. 

green washing – not as suprising here

Street Food

the importanc eof the meal and food in Malayisa had me wondering about the disconnect between where it came from and where it ended up. The urban metropolis acted as layers of conrete barriers to the immensity of the forest. The feeling was lost 

During this time the  importance of living lightly upon the earth and understanding that design isnt fixed became more neccessary than ever as i witnessed the narrow mindidness of the Landscape Proffesion.  

Shortly into my studies i discovered Ng Seksan (Malysian Landscape Architect) and my approach and ideas. His aproach to use whats natural in nature to design calling these thing ‘Natures Freebies’ – noise, light, smell, shadows and that a design is never a finished product but an evolving

For me there was the eversearching and realisation that there was an overaching importance to all this and

The disordered place

The Streets in KL are alive at night, partly due to the climate

The return to Bristol

  • how to link productivity with protection
  • the clever manipulation to green washing by large multi nationals and governments.
  • the good and the bad – return to the bureaucracy of Europe – remnants of a machine

From Bristol to Malaysia

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