Avocado-architecture is a 3 layered cheese, ham and mustard sandwich system.

Its a breakdown of where designers are placed within the planning system.

The principles layers for Avocado architecture:

  1. You have a top-down slice of white bread – its mass produced and formed by the corporations companies. They control the large projects together and provide safety nets. they work on the projects say they are for the good and they are able to lead us to believe it. it looks good on the outside and feeds the masses. It keeps us alive and stops the flooding. they are jumping on what new the smart stuff the sustainable stuff and all the good stuff that the mustard talks about. the problem is the very nature of the white bread will cease to exist if it is to change – so it manipulates.
  2. Then you have your cheese – the council. Enforcing the law. Stoic, powerful yet powerless. Underfunded and manipulated by the white bread.
  3. Then there is the ham – small firms running in the background – well formed and running along the treadmill with cash in hand with the smiley clients pulling the strings. the ham is good quality but it isn’t changing the vegetarian movement is cutting their rope. they cant adapt and work on the old conservative ways. Oh dear why wont they look beyond their wallets . and rebellious journalists
  4. Then some mustard – spicy big company leading the neo-liberal fight for justice and the disenfranchised journalists – its always a fight but they are subtly making change through binding the whole sandwich.
  5. And your sourdough artisan bread coming out of the techy forward thinking cities with ideas but held back by the

All together you get the avocado sandwich – the avocado dominates yet doesn’t exist – but it will.

The Avocado in the sandwich is a balance between ll these

The common approach: people and the environment in a utopian vacum where one interacts with the other.

Techy-no-logie is providing us with the resource to improve the top-down approaches to design

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