Simple Solutions

Sam Cheetham is a Bristol based landscape architect, who specialises in making design simple by taking a step back and allowing things to happen.

We think nature is good for people and people can be good for nature. We also like to think design is good to solve many issues – but i think not. So lets experiment with more nature and less design.

We can take a step back as designers and allow a space to evolve and adapt freely. Lets design 20% and allow the rest to be charaterised by the environment and people.

Its hard to plan/design for the long term. So as landscape architects i believe its more important we design to have a guiding presence (mediation) over time, and forever. We have the vision to guide now for the future.

I use a rudimentary approach to design, where nature comes first. I dont work to forget but integrate the process for the long term.
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