Questioning the approach to land development within the City and the responsibility professionals such as architects, planners and councillors have. There is an entrenched design and planning process that results in shite places for people to live. We all have an opinion on the environment we live within but what influcne do we have over them. guided by proffesions sat in offices. 

…this article explores Redcliffe Wharf – an abandoned space in Bristol City c entrethat is going through the development process – its been identified for development through the standard approach – and what will become of it. In 2019. public policy and development practices – New urbanism has restructured this but it hasn’t provided an alternative – for me its a modification of something that doesnt work with the inability to look beyond the space

Central Bristol on prime development land sits an abandoned space. the space is in Redcliffe Wharf along the River Avon, what is now called as the harbourside. A dark past – its the Bristol Docks entrenched in history and the catalyst of what is now the city. From a working thing to a recreational thing, which had and continues to have a gritty, influential and powerful impact upon the World. The Whole World.

…and Now it sits at the doorstep of development – What do we think of the development of this ‘space’? Lets have a look. What does this reflect upon the architectural and built envonment and what else might happen. 

Church and trash. some cobbles revealing themselves – whats will happen to them?

some more of the tip site with the historic buildings behind

Whats the plan for this place…. because if you look on the bristol planning portal there is one – and we are all welcome to see it and have an opinion.

 The council own the land. Nobody uses it. there are views, it has a waters edge a Grade 1 listed church, a historic burial ground and a small cave within which a hermit once lived. its full of natural capital and yet – now? gravel and bricks with an expanding community finding their niche amongst it all. 

its been made it home to a community who have refused to move and when entrances are blocked they find new ones or break down the barriers.

Extracted from the Bristol Local Plan – Bristol Central Area Plan – Adopted March 2015

  • Redcliffe hill
  • regeneration of vacant or derelict sites
  • links  to redliffe way
  • active ground floor use
  • improved pedestrian and cycle routes
  • reinstate historic street frontage is encouraged
  • Making strong and memorable use of key focal locations and prominent corner sites
    to enhance local character and distinctiveness.


  • why does this need to be hidden from the public 
  • l

However are we forgetting

and if we look west we get all this>>

You have an idea? So what cos it doesnt really matter what u think

A proposition

Do you want to have a say in what happens here? through traditional public consultation techniques or maybe something else that works for people and not but  process that works. a process that allows for time, change and openess to influences from the natural and social environment.

A new approach to the devel change in the development of space

would be to use this huge potential area to developed a new intuitive people focused place. a 30 year development cycle because environments cant be decided in one day, week month and maybe never – but time allows  for mistakes and change to happen. an unfinished space that grows. it can be done and examples exist as profound ways to avoid the sterility of our westernised urban mini-worlds. 

Maybe this represents a failure of ‘a council’ a new method is needed – but this wont happen until we take risks again 

Could wake up and do something different

Filling in The Crack

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