Blog – exploring the unknown

We should look to the future + other precedents such as Sidewalks Lab + then return return to where we are now in the design world and decide how we will approach.

there is an unknown element in the future territory and how does this unknown influence what we do right now?


Lets start with an example to explain this thought process: Within the current built environment utilities play a large role in the infrastructure that helps the city pass its day. The design, meaning process behind these fundamental elements of society haven’t been considered ever and they are buried and hidden behind materials wherever possible.

If in twenty years from now cables are made redundant. then what will happen? do we still bury them with increased knowledge of changing technology and environmental issues? They are not easy to remove once buried and hidden below foundations. Any minor change results in distruption and cost. Take for example the Temple Quarter in Brisstol where a change to infrastructure has caused a great deal of issues due ot