The land upon we stand – soil, microbes and everything in between

Humans over millennia have developed within their consciousness the view that land is a thing distinct from ourselves; ourselves as an entity that uses land as its abode, its terra-firma and the place we lay our foundations, settle and mature to an age without ever questioning the very nature of ‘the land’ on which we stand.
Over time land land continues to be divided amongst class, forming territories which join, divide and  political structures. this is an age old view which has matured to the extent of extinction. extinction is now considered imminiant if this continued zietgeist of the moden man continues. there may be inherent needs among a human as a living being but the ideolgy of existing is open to change. the very fact we are concious beinga means and the inherant needs of a living being in contrast to society will become 
so to bind people to the land and to encourage 





Landscape Process #01 Grime and Shine – The Exposed

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