Owning the land

“the private property society” is “a bizarre mutation alien to most of humanity” and a “monstrous method of owning the earth”  says Andro Linklater 

Who owns the land that we live on?

Who owns that land Margret?

There’s a space here in Bristol. It has a red line boundary drawn around it. Do I have a say over what happens on the land?

No, somebody owns it and wants to make as much capital from it as possible.

Because I have an idea…… 

That’s good, go to the public consultation. But you wont have any influence. There is a complicated and outmoded system that will form the end product. The end product we will call a design or a ‘place’.

This all seems very silly to me…

So you are a part of the system. You are creating over inflated places, through capital, written by design. The reality is these places are not for people or the environment. They are a physical product of the system that will feed into the way we live.

What do you think of this? In the UK, it seems we have lost touch with people-focused places. Why don’t you create a new system or adjust the existing?

The system is an object that appears to be so large – its beyond anyone’s ability to change. But it isn’t, it can be changed. The difficulty is working out how.

The housing crisis and all the other crises’s will continue in the name of capital. Whats your alternative?

Yes the crises’s will continue to feed the system – The system needs them. As long as there is a need – there is work.

So, as landscape architects an approach might be: using data in order to show the success of a project – the data justifies the means.

Currently, landscape architects need to adjust and move away from the traditional design and planning focused approach. We need to develop a data driven approach that will influence design.

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